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If you’re looking for a radio programme that will get you home without driving you mad, look no further than Classic FM Drive – our nightly mix of feel-good classics, hosted by John Brunning.

For three hours every weekday, we offer all the music, news and information you need to make your journey home an enjoyable one. 

This week's highlights

John's Big Piece After Six is the Overture to The Flying Dutchman by Wagner. Plus, an hour of Smooth Classics at Seven, including some beautiful Rachmaninov.

John says happy birthday to Nigel Hess and to Prince George. Also some mellifluous Mozart to begin tonight’s Smooth Classics at Seven.

Daniel Radcliffe turns 25 today so Harry Potter will be making an appearance. And it’s officially Gorgeous Grandma Day.

John celebrates the launch of the Venice Film Festival with a favourite Italian film score, plus Allegri's Miserere in Smooth Classics at Seven.

FRIDAY John takes us to Bayreuth with Wagner and into the skies with Superman. A symphony by Beethoven that changed classical music forever is the Big Piece after Six.

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