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If you’re looking for a radio programme that will get you home without driving you mad, look no further than Classic FM Drive – our nightly mix of feel-good classics, hosted by John Brunning.

For three hours every weekday, we offer all the music, news and information you need to make your journey home an enjoyable one. 

This week's highlights

John raises a glass to the conductor Riccardo Muti on his birthday and plays music from the film Miss Potter to mark Beatrix Potter's birthday. 

John's Big Piece After Six is a symphony by Beethoven that changed the classical music world forever.

It's officially Paperback Book Day, so John has picked out some literary music including Tchaikovsky's Romeo and Juliet and John Williams's soundtrack to The Book Thief.

This evening, join John has more from his brilliant Drive Featured Album of music by the Strauss brothers, and anniversary music by Liszt and Patrick Doyle.

John features music to mark the anniversary of the day London Bridge first opened to traffic and to honour the opening of the Chess Olympiad 2014, there's the intriguing story of what happened when Brahms and Schumann played chess together.

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