Classic FM Drive with John Brunning

Weekdays, 5-8pm

John Brunning

If you’re looking for a radio programme that will get you home without driving you mad, look no further than Classic FM Drive – our nightly mix of feel-good classics, hosted by John Brunning.

The working day may draw to a close for many at around 5pm – but on Classic FM, that’s when things are only just getting going! For three hours every weekday evening, we offer all the music, news and information you need to make your journey home an enjoyable one.

Even though we realise that a great many listeners aren’t actually driving between 5pm and 8pm, we like to think everyone appreciates the mentality of Classic FM Drive. It’s all about lifting your spirits, giving you the energy to accomplish those jobs that have been waiting for your attention all day, and doing that whilst accompanied by the finest music around.

On the half-hour, comprehensive travel bulletins keep you completely up to date on the roads and rails, whilst our hourly news updates ensure you never need go anywhere else to find out what tonight’s big stories are.  And when it comes to the music, we provide all sorts of reasons for you to keep listening.  One particular highlight is Drive’s weekly Featured Album: a new release  which we enjoy a track from every evening. Then there's the Big Piece After Six - a really substantial piece of music to get your teeth into, and Smooth Classics at Seven - to help you wind down once you've got through the door.

So, whether you’re driving the length and breadth of the country or you’re simply heading up the stairs to put the laundry away, choose Classic FM Drive as your soundtrack and you’ll ensure you always arrive relaxed.

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