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John Brunning

John Brunning brings you our nightly mix of feel-good classics.

For three hours every weekday, we offer all the music, news and information you need to make your journey home an enjoyable one. 



St. Piran is the patron saint of Cornwall – and seeing as today is St. Piran’s Day, John will play a great recording of English music from a conductor was who born and bred in Newquay.


John Brunning invites you to wind down into the weekend, with Classic FM Drive. Our Friday Film Favourite is a John Williams classic.


It’s Commonwealth Day today – so on Classic FM Drive, John Brunning’s taking a musical tour of the Commonwealth. And there's music about the London Eye on this, the venue’s 15th birthday.


John offers three hours of great, get-you-home music, including piece by Gershwin that will sound extra-special today.


Tonight for his Big Piece After 6, John has picked something particularly glitzy: Gershwin’s An American in Paris.


John continues Classic FM’s celebrations from Liverpool on this, the Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra’s 175th birthday.


John’s got a great Friday piece to share with you today by Copland, along with a rather intriguing reason for including it on Classic FM Drive. 

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