Summer Seafood - and Eat It

A nice, light fishy dish for a humid summer's day.

Summer Seafood and Eat It
Saturday 27 July 2013

Anne-Marie says: 'I'm very lucky to have a fishmonger near to home (hello Mr and Mrs P!) and so buying fresh fish and seafood from those in the know is always a treat.

This is another of those dishes which is all about a bit of preparation and then cooks in minutes. 

Serves two

12 small scallops (out of the shell)
8 king prawns
1 red chilli finely chopped
1 fat clove garlic finely chopped
Watercress or lamb's lettuce


Into a big hot pan, pour a good glug of rapeseed or groundnut oil and add the chilli, stir for a couple of minues before adding the scallops. I place them in a clock formation because by the time you place number 11, it'll be time to turn number 12 over to cook on the other side.

This is the time to add your garlic and the prawns as well. You need the prawns pink and the garlic not brown! Give a quick squirt of lemon and you're ready to go. 

Pop your green salad leaves onto the plates - plus anything else salady you fancy, obviously. Place the scallops and prawns on the top plus a lemon wedge on the side.