Five things to do this weekend

Anne-Marie Minhall shares the things she wants to get done this weekend (when she's not broadcasting to the nation of course!)

1) Time to dust off the wellies, the forecast is for very autumnal weather this weekend. Is it wrong that I've invested in a pair which are aubergine-coloured? (Probably).

2) Why not have a go at making my Autumn Fruity Parcels. Dates, apricots & sultanas soaked in a bit of brandy and then baked with some chopped almonds in puff pastry. Best served warm with a dollop of cream.
3) There's a rather unusual sounding exhibition on in Glasgow called Bathing Belles. The Scotland St School Museum is the venue for the show which is about the history of swimming and swimwear.

4) On your bike! There are some top family-friendly cycle rides taking place over the next two days - check out ones in York, Birmingham & London.

5) A life on the ocean wave? Saturday sees the start of the Isle of Wight Festival of the Sea. There are boat trips, live music and local food to enjoy.

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