Haggis, Neeps & Tatties

Celebrate Burns' Night in style with this traditional Scottish fare.

Haggis, Neeps and Tatties
Saturday 25 January 2014

"Well, goodness me, here we are into a new year and already it's Burns' Night," says Anne-Marie Minhall. "This week I thought we might go for a traditional supper enjoyed by many on the 25th January. Fret not, I'm not going to ask you to make your own haggis (unless you really want to, obviously!) - instead, I recommend you order one from the butcher or buy one from the supermarket. There's never been a better selection to choose from and the vegetarian haggis is much easier to find nowadays than it ever was. I'm just going to suggest some accompaniments and Cranachan - a delicious, rather boozy, pudding."

Serves four

- Haggis

One haggis - make sure it's big enough, the packet should give you some idea of how many it will feed. Cook as per instructions, usually it's usually about an hour and 20 minutes, depending on size.

- Vegetables

For mashed swede and carrots, you'll need my previous recipe

For the creamiest mash you'll need: 
500g Maris Piper potatoes
50g butter
25ml double cream

Once the haggis is in the oven, prepare the mashed swede and carrots as per the recipe.
Peel and chop the potatoes before boiling in water for around 20 minutes, until they're tender. Drain and leave for around 5 minutes.
Mash with a masher (no point using an electric whisk, it'll make poor mash). 
Once your mash is smooth, add the butter and a touch of cream and stir in. Add the seasoning and more cream if you need it.


40g medium porridge oats 
400ml double cream
2 tbsp runny honey
2tbsp whisky 
400g raspberries

Under a hot grill, toast the oats on a baking sheet for a couple of minutes, keeping a close eye on them before letting them cool.

Whip the cream. Save a few raspberries to decorate and then mix together the rest of them with the cream before adding the honey and the whisky. 

Finally, gently fold in the oats before serving in glass dishes and popping the remaining raspberries on the top.

You can also make this in advance and just keep the mixture in the fridge ahead of serving. Also, if you want an alcohol-free version, swap the whisky for apple or orange juice.