Someone has turned Donald Trump’s ‘covfefe’ tweet into the Tristan chord

28 June 2017, 11:32

Michael Monroe - Covfefe

This guy made up a tune to Donald Trump's tweet, and it's very catchy.


By Maddy Shaw Roberts

After Donald Trump tweeted to complain about his ‘negative press covfefe’, the Twittersphere was left baffled and bemused. What did he mean? Was it a spelling mistake, or was he out to deliberately confuse us all?

Instead of concerning himself with the meaning of ‘covfefe’, this one YouTuber decided to make a song out of it.

Arranged for 'Trump and Piano', the tune is written in the initially simplistic-seeming C major, with a 2/4 time signature.

However, the tune's simplicity is overthrown as we hear the famous Tristan chord – a chord made up of the notes F, B, D#, and G# – as Trump’s penultimate belting note.

The juicy chord originates from the opera Tristan und Isolde, as Wagner uses it in the opening leitmotif, about Tristan.

We think the tinny sounds of Sibelius give the song an extra edge, particularly on that swooping ‘press’ note.

Hats off to Michael Monroe for a job well done - check out his other work here.

If you're a fan of musical incarnations of Trump's tweets, check out this amazing fugal Baroque version:

Fughetta 'covfefe', by Peter Underhill

Fughetta 'covfefe', by Peter Underhill


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