This South African choir’s version of Justin Bieber’s Baby is incredible

14 April 2017, 12:47

Justin Bieber Mzansi Youth Choir

By Lizzie Davis

The Mzansi Youth Choir are appearing in the International Youth Choir at the Royal Albert Hall this Saturday but before that, they gave Londoners a chance to hear their version of a Bieber blockbuster

This is Justin Bieber’s Baby as you’ve never heard it before

Mzansi Youth Choir sing Justin Bieber's Baby

This is Bieber's hit as you've never heard it


The Mzansi Youth Choir are from South Africa and are performing in the Royal Albert Hall on Saturday 15 April. Find out more at the Royal Albert Hall's website.

They also treated Trafalgar Square tourists to some stunning South African music and dance.

The Mzansi Youth Choir performs in Trafalgar Square

They're performing at the Royal Albert Hall as part of the International Youth Choir Festival


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