Is this massive bass overtone flute the scariest-sounding instrument ever?

7 January 2016, 11:00

fujara flute

The Fujara Flute is a huge, complex instrument that sounds like a tuned didgeridoo. It is terrifying.

It’s the brainchild of Winne Clement, a Belgian instrument maker and musician. He’s a woodworker with a musical background, who seems to have a particular penchant for massive flutes.

Here’s how he explains the inspiration to make this epic Fujara Flute: “Apart from the deeply moving, haunting sound, the rudimentary honesty of making music using only one's breath struck me. Simply blowing into a tube with holes seemed strongly earnest and made a deep impression on me.”

And here’s what it sounds like:


*FUJARA*The whole plan wen we started talking about filming was to make one movie initially, we ended up making 'The Birth Of a Flute ' as a ahum "side project" while we shot the whole process of Fujara making and a interview, Onno is now still working on this film.I did a free improvisation on the Fujara I made during this process ,we shot this as well and here it is ! Once the film is finished it will be uploaded on my website :

Posted by Fujaraflutes on Tuesday, 29 December 2015
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