Stolen $50k violin found

8 August 2012, 11:04

The safe return of a South Korean student's stolen antique violin will come as a huge relief.

As we reported last week, South Korean student Yun Hee Kim's $50,000 violin was stolen from a Vancouver car park while she shopped. However, it has been recovered, complete with the $3,000 bow.

The violin is a Joseph Nadotti Fecit from 1772. It was taken from Kim's minivan while she and a friend were inside a shopping centre, along with two computers (which are still missing).

Cpl. Rick Skolrood, a local law enforcer, said last week in a press release that, "Understandably, the owner is most concerned about her violin, which is 240 years old." There's no word on Kim's reaction to the news, but presumably there's no excuse for not practicing now.

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