Vandals forcibly turned over this Steinway piano in a Kansas chapel

8 December 2015, 16:08

vandalised steinway piano

A brand new Steinway piano in a Kansas chapel has been overturned by intruders, sparking a fierce online reaction.

Photos of the overturned piano, shared on Facebook by Teri Breymeyer, show the upside-down instrument precariously leaning on a single step.

Breymeyer, an admin assistant for the Kansas School of Music, Theatre and Dance (who often use the piano and the chapel venue as a performance space), told “We don’t know if it’s a prank, but if it was, they don’t realise how much damage it caused by overturning the piano.”

This morning we came in to find that someone turned this piano over. It didn't just fall off the stage but was...

Posted by Theresa Breymeyer on Friday, 4 December 2015


The piano’s estimated worth is $119,000.

Furious local commenters have made their opinions known on Breymeyer’s Facebook post.

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