Video games concert announced for Wembley Arena

5 June 2014, 11:19

A concert of video game music starring the Royal Philharmonic Concert Orchestra at Wembley Stadium has been announced, with highlights to include soundtracks from Halo, Mass Effect and Final Fantasy.

The concert, entitled rePLAY: Symphony Of Heroes, will take place at the iconic north London venue on September 26th.

Game soundtracks confirmed to appear in the programme include the popular Halo, Mass Effect and Final Fantasy scores, as well as Metal Gear Solid, Castlevania and BioShock, with more to be confirmed.

The rePLAY: Symphony Of Heroes concert will be stopping at Wembley as part of a world tour, with various symphony orchestras taking on the challenge of playing video games repertoire.

The Royal Philharmonic Concert Orchestra will be the performers for the Wembley show.

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According to the show information on the official ticket site, "Each performance’s program and song choice follows the hero’s journey, a pattern of 17 stages found in both literature and video games, including the call to adventure, supernatural aid, atonement and freedom. The story is accompanied by visuals from the games themselves, and narrated by Nigel Carrington of Dear Esther."

Tickets will be on sale from tomorrow at 10AM from here.

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