An orchestra played while eating the world's hottest chilli pepper and it was a nightmare

10 February 2017, 11:40

Chili peppers orchestra

The musicians of the Danish National Chamber Orchestra took on a brand new challenge for a recent performance of Gade's 'Tango Jalousie' - eating the world's hottest chilli pepper. Because why wouldn't you?

A man called Chili Klaus is conducting the DNCO

Chili Klaus loves music. And he loves chillis. He loves them so much he gave one to every member of the orchestra. Chili Klaus is a maniac.


Things start off OK

No-one seems to be experience any major adverse effects, save for the odd percussion grimace.


Then it becomes literally horrible

Grown bassoonists start to cry capsicum tears of fire. It's not pretty. 


Finally, the orchestra can stand it no more

They may have finished the piece, but at what cost? Next-level pain and discomfort, that's what. Chili Klaus' application for the position of Chief Visiting Conductor will progress no further. 


Watch the full video

Are they morons? Are they geniuses? The answers are here: 

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