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Surely 2014 is the year Beethoven will top the Classic FM Hall of Fame? John Suchet certainly hopes so...

This year, the Classic FM Hall of Fame is more competitive than ever before. The composers are going head to head in the ultimate classical battle, so they can claim the prize of being top of the top 300 in 2014.

Unfortunately, most of the composers in the Hall of Fame are, well, dead. So we've enlisted the help of a few of our presenters to champion their cause.

Who better than Beethoven expert John Suchet to lead The Master to the top this year? And his first choice vote? A suitably regal piece for a Hall of Fame champion: Piano Concerto No. 5, 'The Emperor'.

What do you think? Should Beethoven take the top spot in 2014? Is the 'Emperor' a worthy choice? Perhaps you're more a fan of his Symphony No. 9, or maybe you're going off the wall and voting for his one and only opera, Fidelio.

If you're a fan of Ludwig van (sorry), join John Suchet on #TeamBeethoven by voting for him in the Hall of Fame 2014.

John Suchet wants YOU!

Can you sum up why you love Beethoven in no more than 15 seconds? Team leader John Suchet can - and he wants your votes...

In love with the 'Emperor' Concerto like John Suchet? Or can't stand to see it top the chart this year? Make sure you have your say and vote for your favourite music in the Classic FM Hall of Fame.

Reasons to be on #TeamBeethoven

Classic FM image Listen In need of inspiration?

You know you love Beethoven, but you're just not sure which piece to vote for? If that sounds like you, discover more incredible music by the great man here.

John Suchet and Beethoven bust with stamp Team leader: John Suchet

You don't want to join a team unless you know who's running it, right? Get to know Team Beethoven's team leader, John Suchet.

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