Members of the Greater Manchester Music Hub Massed Ensemble play Autumn Leaves backstage at the Schools Prom

11 November 2014, 22:25

Greater Manchester Music Hub Massed Ensemble at the MFY Schools Prom


Members of the Greater Manchester Music Hub Massed Ensemble played for Classic FM in a bar at the Royal Albert Hall!

The Hub is a large and dynamic partnership committed to bringing the very best in music education to children in the region. 

Tonight’s world premiere of Ed Puddick’s Secret Music is ground-breaking in bringing together pre-existing primary school choirs and music service-run junior choirs from across the region, with the greater Manchester Jazz Orchestra. 

The piece brings to life Wilfred Owen’s poem written in the WW1 trenches, where he used his musical memories and imagination to escape the brutal reality of war.

A jazz orchestra was chosen because it suits the time period that Owen was writing in. It suits ensemble member Alexander, who told Classic FM's Tim Lihoreau: "Jazz is really cool."

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