Ben & Alfie

Ben & Alfie are a unique duo of five string violin and double bass, presenting an original blend of music and words.

Ben & Alfie schools prom rehearsal 3

Their classical instrumental skills are subtly overlaid with jazz, folk and world influences. Add inventive, thought-provoking poetry with a clear sense of theatre and you have Ben and Alfie.

The duo will perform The Velvet Tongued Man which is a comment on the dangers of losing creative integrity. It is the true story of one man from the music industry commercialising a young artist's music and style at the expense of the life and interest of her songs. Their peice For Good describes a genius who has become mentally absent, told from the perspective of someone close to them. This was inspired by several people's lives including Ben and Alfie's great grandfather.

Age range of performers: 17-18

The Velvet Tongued Man - Ben & Alfie
For Good - Ben & Alfie

Ben and Alfie at the Schools Prom


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