Fèis Rois National Ceilidh Trail at the Schools Prom 2014

10 November 2014, 17:54

Fèis Rois National Ceilidh Trail at the MFY Schools Prom


Playing venues from castles to cafes, festivals to farmers’ markets and the Andrew Marr Show, this group convenes from all corners of Scotland.

The Fèis Rois National Ceilidh Trail is one of the UK’s leading traditional music and Gaelic education projects. They tour venues and communities across the UK, giving talented youngsters the opportunity to experience life as a touring musician. 

"We all auditioned to be part of it and we got put in this band and it's sort of professional experience," Chris Coates, a band member, told Classic FM's Tim Lihoreau. "We tour around the country doing gigs and learn how it is being on the road with the same five people for six weeks."

The group convened from all corners of Scotland to create beautifully crafted songs and driving tune sets, inspired by traditional and contemporary folk music. 

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