Mahan Esfahani on why the harpsichord deserves recognition

1 August 2014, 17:57

Mahan Esfahani at the Bristol Proms

The harpsichordist explains why audiences should flock to hear the under-appreciated Baroque instrument.


The harpsichordist caught up with Classic FM's Jane Jones in the auditorium of the Bristol Old Vic.

It's fair to say the harpsichord isn't often in the limelight. Often overshadowed by louder or more portable instruments, Mahan explained to Classic FM's Jane Jones why it's time for the harpsichord to enjoy its place in the sun.

It might be associated with the Baroque era, but with composers like Takemitsu championing the instrument's cause, Mahan explained exactly why its reputation is undeserved: "Harpischord is very much new!" he said. "I think you have to consider, it's a different instrument - it's not older, it's just different."

This evening's concert will see him perform music by Bach alongside more contemporary music, proving once and for all the harpsichord's place in the modern classical world.

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