Alastair Lindsay and James Hannigan talk video game music at the ABO Conference

30 January 2015, 19:20

Alastair Lindsay and James Hannigan at the ABO conference

Gaming bigwig Alastair Lindsay and composer James Hannigan spoke to John Brunning about the importance of the emerging video games music market.


Gaming bigwigs told Classic FM about how orchestras and games developers need to work more closely together.

Sony Computer Entertainment Europe's Alastair Lindsay and video game music composer James Hannigan were at the Association of British Orchestras conference to discuss the still-emerging world of orchestral game music.

Lindsay, who works with some of the world's top orchestras to record video game music, said using big-name orchestras can be important to a game's chances in the market:

"It can bring some good marketing value, and any added value to enhance the music is going to be a bonus for us."

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