The Kingsmead Dynamix

This 25 strong African dance and drumming group from Hackney, London will perform Nagla and Kitchen, two traditional West African dances.

The Kingsmead Dynamix

The Kingsmead Dynamix meet on a weekly basis as part of the school curriculum day at Kingsmead Primary School in Hackney, London. They are taught by Dorinia Harleym, Dancer-in-Residence at Hackney Music Service, and Hackney Music Service percussionist Steve Bewes.

The school employ both tutors to work across all key stages, so that every child benefits from the experience. The music service was successful in securing support from Future Talent, a charity set up by the Duchess of Kent to support aspiring gifted and talented musicians.

The Kingsmead Dynamix is the result of this three-way partnership investment between the school, music service and Future Talent, ensuring that the very gifted have the chance to continue learning and performing.

Amongs the group are two percussion scholars, Daniel Aidoo and Jerell Lewis, both funded by the Mayor’s Fund for Young Musicians. The group have performed together and separately at many local and regional venues including The Hackney Empire, Tate Modern, CBSO Centre and Symphony Hall, as well as a performance at the Hackney Educators’ Awards.

Music Director: Steve Bewes
Dance Director: Dorinia Harley

Age range of performers:  8-11

Nagla - Trad West African
Kitchen - Trad West African

The Kingsmead Dynamix


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