Tom Williams on performing Bach in the Dark


The Erebus Ensemble at the Bristol Proms 2014

Jane Jones talks to Tom Williams and Ed Danon of the Erebus ensemble before they take to the stage to perform Bach in the Dark.


Erebus Ensemble director Tom Williams and choir member Ed Danon spoke to Jane Jones backstage at the Bristol Proms.

Tackling Bach in a completely new way, stellar choral bunch The Erebus Ensemble are following up their hugely well-received Bristol Proms debut with another pitch-black performance.

Director Tom Williams and choir member Ed Danon spoke to Classic FM's Jane Jones about the daunting prospect of following up last year's show, as well as their 'choir in residence' role at this year's second festival of innovative concerts.

They also shed a bit of light, as it were, on how a performance can be completely different if it is enjoyed in pitch darkness.