Mozart: Piano Concertos Nos. 22 and 24 - Angela Hewitt

The brilliant Angela Hewitt continues her in-depth exploration of Mozart's piano concertos. Classic FM Drive Featured Album, 9 June 2014.

Angela Hewitt's previous volumes of Mozart's piano concertos have been revelatory. She plays with immaculate attention to detail and style, while bringing out all of the emotion and subtlety in the music.

Here she presents the 22nd and 24th piano concertos, joined by the National Arts Centre Orchestra of Canada under her frequent collaborator Hannu Lintu.

Mozart wrote both of these works between December 1785 and March 1786. In No. 22, for the first time in any of his piano concertos, Mozart uses clarinets - an instrument that became a regular member of orchestras only in the 1780s. No. 24 is more restrained, dark and passionate, climaxing in a magnificent set of variations.

As to be expected, this is sparklingly stylish and sublime.

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