Liszt Album Review

Liszt St Stanislaus Cincinnati SO Conlon Liszt's last great project

This is the world premiere recording of the two scenes that Liszt completed of his massive oratorio on the martyrdom in 1076 of Poland’s patron saint

Ivana Gavrić  Schubert, List, Janáček, Rachmaninov New talent Ivana Gavrić promises much

A one-to-watch pianist Ivana Gavrić’s solo recital of works from Schubert, List, Janáček, Rachmaninov may be emotionally cool, but her talent promises much

Album cover Emotion and Magic

Arcadi Volodos proves that there was more to Liszt than his showman persona.

Album cover Liszt Letdown

Despite the pairing of Barenboim and Boulez, there's nothing here that separates it from the pack.