Japanese echoes of Jenkins' Adiemus

Refreshing haiku settings strategically lighten the mood between Jenkins' more sterile Latin movements.

Composer:  Karl Jenkins
Repertoire: Requiem; In These Stones Horizons Sing
Artists: Bryn Terfel (bass-baritone), Catrin Finch (harp), West Kazakhstan PO/Jenkins
Rating:  2/5 
Genre: Vocal
Label: EMI Classics 557 9662

German music scholars might have coined the pejorative term ‘cobbler’s patch’ to define the stepwise sequential repetitions favoured by Karl Jenkins in his Requiem . The composer overcooks his score’s ritual elements, almost to destruction. Echoes of Jenkins’s Adiemus works surface in the strategically-implanted Japanese haiku settings, offering welcome relief from the sterile Latin movements.


Classic FM Live In Wales 2012 Karl Jenkins

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