One of Debussy’s most famous works is now a prog-metal masterpiece

6 March 2017, 14:29

debussy arabesque on electric guitar

Debussy’s impressionist masterpiece, his Arabesque No. 1, has been transformed into a completely faithful metal guitar instrumental.

A YouTuber calling himself Archaeologist (real name Kyle Schaefer) has set Reddit alight with his new interpretation of Claude Debussy’s Arabesque No. 1, originally written for piano.

He says on the video’s YouTube page: “I think Debussy's "Arabesque No.1" might be the most amazing piece of music ever written. I instantly fell in love with the vibrant chord progressions and soaring melodies upon hearing it for the first time, and it has stuck with me over the years in a way that pretty much nothing else has.”

“I’m not sure whether Debussy himself would enjoy or hate my rendition, but it's with the utmost respect and admiration that I release this tribute to his legacy.”

And here's the original, for comparison - you'll see just how accurate his rendition is:

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