Renée Fleming’s top tips for singers: ‘tune out the noise and focus on your voice’

11 January 2017, 15:23

Renée Fleming interview tips

By Lizzie Davis

Renée Fleming is one of the world’s greatest sopranos so when she came in to the studio to talk about her new album, we just had to get some pearls of wisdom from her too

Renée Fleming has never been afraid to do things differently and her new album is no exception.

‘Distant Light’ includes music by Samuel Barber, the contemporary composer Anders Hillborg… and Björk.

She came in to the studio to talk about why she loves Björk’s music – and to share her top pieces of advice for singers and musicians.

What's the best piece of advice you've ever been given? 

What's your top tip for dealing with nerves? 


Do you have any advice for improving breath control? 

Why did you find yourself drawn to Björk's music for your new recording?

Renée Fleming's new recording, Distant Light, is out now and available from Amazon and iTunes
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