Laura Wright's soprano sporting secrets

You might expect singing to be one of the soprano's summer highlights, but Laura explained a few of her sporting secrets to Classic FM's Jamie Crick at Leeds Opera in the Park.

As the official anthem singer for the England rugby team, Laura Wright sings at some pretty important sporting matches. But today, she's back in front of an orchestra at Leeds Opera in the Park - she shared her thoughts on her upcoming performance with Jamie Crick.

"It's a fantastic feeling. Part of the best part of my job, if you like, is performing live, and to have a whole orchestra, the Orchestra of Opera North, and the chorus," she said. "It's the best part of my summer."

It's not just the singing before sporting events Laura's got to worry about. She also revealed she's quite the sportswoman, taking part in triathlons and marathons over the next few months.

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