Do you have a question for Gustavo Dudamel?

We're interviewing the great Gustavo Dudamel on Friday, and we want you to give us some questions to put to one of the world's biggest conductors.

Gustavo Dudamel

The Dude himself, Gustavo Dudamel, will be gracing us with his presence when Classic FM interviews him on Friday, so we thought we'd give you, our readers and listeners, the opportunity to ask him anything you like.

Ever wondered what it's like to stand on the podium at Walt Disney Concert Hall? Looking for hair-care tips from the shaggy wunderkind? Or maybe you want some tips on how to tackle 5/4 at your next orchestra rehearsal? It's time for you to grill the Maestro himself.

Submit your question in the comments below and we'll select the very best of them to ask him in person. And don't forget to listen to the interview on Classic FM at 3pm on Sunday 11 January or watch it here at

Gustavo Dudamel

Gustavo Dudamel Conductor and Violinist Gustavo Dudamel

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