Andrea Bocelli: "Beautiful music is good for every generation"

Classic FM caught up with the Andrea Bocelli at the premiere of his concert film Love In Portofino, to chat about the new film and his new album, Passione.

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Andrea Bocelli might be the biggest-selling classical artist in the world, but his new album Passione and new concert film Love In Portofino are defiantly intimate affairs. The songs hark back to his youth and the songs he used to sing in bars in Tuscany.

To maximise the passion, Passione features stellar duets with the likes of Jennifer Lopez, Nelly Furtado and the recorded voice of the late Edith Piaf.

Classic FM's Jamie Crick caught up with the tenor at an exclusive premier screening of Love In Portofino in London's West End, where they spoke about the passion of Passione, as well as the beauty of Andrea's beloved songs.

Andrea Bocelli talks to Classic FM

Andrea Bocelli

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