André Rieu, Anthony Hopkins, and the magic of the waltz

King of the waltz, André Rieu, assures the world the waltz will go on for many years to come, with his composition partner, actor Sir Anthony Hopkins

Classic BRIT Awards Red Carpet arrivals

Celebrating his birthday with a Classic BRIT Award for Album of the Year, André Rieu and Sir Anthony Hopkins are spreading their love for classical music - specifically, the waltz - around the world.

André, whose performance with his Johann Strauss Orchestra sparked an impromptu dance from audience members at last night's Classic BRITs ceremony, explained the universality of the waltz.

"The waltz makes people happy," he said. "Every time we play around the whole world, every time when I play my waltz, the people are happy: they stand up and they dance spontaneously!"

Anthony Hopkins & André Rieu

André Rieu

Andre Rieu André Rieu

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