Classic FM free App for iPhone, iPod and iPad

The most enjoyable way to listen to Classic FM is on your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad.

With Classic FM's new app you get the radio station you already enjoy, and so much more. You get a rich beautiful listening experience, complete with matching visuals and all the latest news and pictures from the world of Classical Music.

Download the Classic FM app for iPhone and iPad


* Discover what’s playing

* Get the opportunity to buy each track from iTunes as it's played

* Enjoy stunning full-size pictures of the artists, as they are played

* Browse the whole week's schedule 

* Get the latest news and pictures from the vast world of Classical Music

* Listen Again to your favourite shows (iPad only)

* Stream audio to your AirPlay device

* And much much more...

online classic fm Listening Online

You can listen online to your favourite Classic FM shows as they go out live, using our online radio player

On-demand classic fm Listen On Demand

You can now listen again to Classic FM's shows, whenever you like, for up to seven days after they are broadcast.

FM Radio classic fm Listening on FM Radio

You can listen to Classic FM on FM radio across the UK on frequencies between 99.9 MHz and 101.9 MHz FM.

Listen FAQs Listen FAQs

Problems listening online? Want to know how to tune in on Digital Radio? We've got all the answers here...