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From blacksmiths wanting to hear Verdi’s Anvil Chorus, to mothers-to-be in labour asking for anything to calm their nerves, you’ll be astonished to discover the people we’ve featured on Classic FM Requests over the years. This two-hour show is just one of the many treats we have to offer every weekday afternoon.

From 1pm every weekday, we turn Classic FM over to you. The callers can range from kids to pensioners, from long-term listeners to classical music newbies. And we never failed to be surprised by the surge of phone calls, emails and texts requesting all manner of music to accompany the lunchtime chores.  

Anne-Marie Minhall is at the helm for Classic FM Requests – and, when the dedications are all concluded at 3, she remains your friendly companion through the afternoon.  

Future highlights


It’s Halloween – and Anne-Marie dons her pointy witch hat (no change there, then...) and boards the broomstick to bring you some ghoulish tunes! If there’s a favourite piece you’d like to hear, do get in touch on Classic FM Requests from 1.


The Hall of Fame 3 at 3 marks Sandwich Day so we'll enjoy a trio of hits from your top 300 by composers who loved a good lunch.


Who was Richard Strauss talking about when he said, "I have more skill, but he is greater." Find out with Anne-Marie today.

We'll be marking Bonfire Night with some firework favourites. Musical sparks will fly!


Because it’s International Saxophone Day, Anne-Marie will play you one of the best-loved works for the instrument.


Every Friday, Anne-Marie has a lively little tune where you can 'Dance Like No One's Watching' - so get ready to let your hair down after 4pm.

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