Aled Jones

Sundays, 9am-12pm

Aled Jones

Aled Jones selects three hours of his favourite classical music, from beautiful choral favourites through to new discoveries on Sunday mornings from 9am.  Whether you’re enjoying a lazy lie-in or are up-and-about ahead of a busy day, make sure you join Aled for the perfect soundtrack to your Sunday.

Let Aled Jones soothe you into Sunday with his selection of everyone's favourite classical music. The Welsh singing star keeps you company every Sunday morning between 9am and 12pm.

'Sunday's my favourite day,' says Aled, 'and If I was at home, I'd be listening to Classic FM anyway, so now I'm actually on the station... it's a dream come true.'

As for the playlist, Aled enjoys a broad range of music that he's keen to share.

'It's pretty obvious I like the choral stuff, but I'll be playing all kinds of music. Some British pieces - Vaughan Williams, Elgar - I'm a bit of a romantic so there's bound to be a little Rachmaninov and Beethoven in there, too.'

And Aled's keen for you to get in touch - 'It's not just my show, it's everyone's show,' he says. 

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