Alan Titchmarsh

Saturdays, 9am-12pm

Alan Titchmarsh

Over a million people tune in to Classic FM every Saturday morning for a mix of classical favourites – hosted by broadcaster and all-round national treasure, Alan Titchmarsh.

Saturday morning has its own unique feel. It’s a sort of ‘getting the jobs done’ time, when the laundry is tackled, the garden is tamed, and the weekly shop is ticked off the list.  But it’s also a time to relax with your favourite music – and that’s where Alan Titchmarsh comes in, with a three-hour playlist of ideal weekend melodies.

Alan joined Classic FM in January 2012 and quickly cemented his position as one of our most popular presenters.  His warm, welcoming style, complete with his desire to uncover plenty of hidden gems alongside the established favourites, has proved quite a hit – both with our existing audience and with people who are now trying out Classic FM for the very first time because of him.

Musically speaking, Alan’s own personal must-haves include a healthy dose of operetta, a large slice of Light Music, and pretty much anything that evokes images of nature and the countryside (no surprises there, then). There's even a Great British Discovery each week - a piece of music exploring how a great composer has been inspired by  our green and pleasant land.  

Tune in from 9am this Saturday, and you’ll discover a selection of music infused with all these choices, alongside plenty of established Classic FM hits. New releases form a core part of our Saturday morning offering; Alan is always keen to profile the very best of the latest albums and he welcomes your suggestions, too, when it comes to exactly what he should be playing.  

Don’t forget, meanwhile, Alan’s all-important weekly gardening tip.  If, like him, you’re horticulturally inclined, listen out for all sorts of ideas for what you should be doing with your plants and seeds.  

Great music, great company, and the occasional use of the phrase “good old fashioned horse manure” on-air.  We’re nothing if not unique here at Classic FM!

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