About Jane Jones

About Jane Jones

Jane Jones

Proudly flying the flag for Wales, Jane has been a fixture on-air on Classic FM for the past two decades.

  • Before joining Classic FM in 1992, Jane spent 10 years working for both commercial radio and the BBC, including the World Service.  

  • She joined Classic FM just a couple of months after we first turned on the transmitters back in 1992.

  • When she first began working at Classic FM, Jane was part of the team working behind the scenes producing programmes, but gradually she spent more and more of her time working on-air, rather than off-air.

  • Over the years, Jane has presented a host of different programmes on Classic FM, ranging from the daily Requests show through to her current home on the weekend More Music Breakfast show and The Classic FM Full Works Concert (Monday to Wednesday). 

  • Jane’s wide experience in broadcasting before she came to Classic FM includes presenting rock and pop music programmes, phone-ins and music based magazine programmes for local commercial radio stations; producing and presenting music, specialist and documentary programmes for the BBC, including regional editions for Wales of Woman's Hour.

Did you know?

The first programmes that Jane presented on the station were part of a series of live Sunday night concerts from the restaurant Smollensky’s Balloon in London.