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Emma is here to keep you company in the early hours of the morning. Text her on 61812, tweet @ClassicFM or email using the form below.

Emma Nelson

Whether you’re working late, are a natural night owl or consider yourself to be an early riser, join Emma Nelson for the perfect mix of Classic FM favourites to keep you up – and awake!

Emma has a lot of musical milestones through the night to keep you entertained: the All-Nighter for students and shift workers, and the Cradle Classic for nursing mums. There's also the Hall of Fame 3 at 3, when Emma plays a varied selection from the annual Classic Hall of Fame Chart. And there's the Truckers’ Tune – a particularly rousing piece of music for the thousands of drivers who listen through the night. And then, as the new day starts to truly shape up, Emma offers the Dawn Chorus - a beautifully relaxing piece of choral music, guaranteed to provide you with that moment of calm you need before the day begins. Hear it at around 5.15.

Emma always welcomes your involvement in all things on Classic FM overnight. Our Facebook page is often at its busiest in the wee small hours, when everyone from revising students to hospital workers get involved.  You can text her too on 61812 or tweet via @classicfm; or send her an email using the form below.

Emma Nelson

About Emma

Emma was born in Manchester into a music loving family. She was taken at the age of six to see Herbert von Karajan conduct, and had been played Brahms’s First Symphony and Schumann’s Piano Concerto so many times in advance that she had absorbed every note. “It set the bar rather high and began a life long love,” she says.

Emma began her broadcasting career as a newsreader and reporter with local radio in the Midlands. She then moved on to be a reporter and presenter on regional television. In 2008 she moved into national and international news. 

After retraining as a lawyer, Emma soon found herself back behind the microphone as a presenter on Monocle 24, the sister radio station to Monocle magazine. She hosts a daily global news programme on the station. In addition, she has presented and reported for British Forces Broadcasting and pops up as a reporter for television in London.

Emma loves to travel and always combines a trip somewhere with a concert or an opera. She has a particular passion for  Austria and the Salzkammergut - a region just outside Salzburg which is steeped in music.

“You can visit the hut where Mahler composed his second symphony and then it's a short hop to Bad Ischl, where Brahms wrote,” says Emma. “I love it there so much, my husband and I got married in the village of Mozart's sister's birth. Although we had an oompah band…”

In her free time, Emma loves to cook and to run (although not at the same time). Her personal playlist is extremely varied; it can switch from house music one minute to Ravel's Daphnis and Chloe the next. “The Danse Generale is great for powering up hills,” she says.

“And that explains why I love Classic FM - you never know what amazing mood changing music lies just around the corner.”

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