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  1. La Boheme at the Royal Opera House Opera: where to start

    Let us show you where to start with opera - what to listen out for, which composers to seek out and whether to bring your opera glasses…

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  1. lego wagner The top 10 alternative Ring Cycles

    Wagner's Ring Cycle too long for you? See if we can change your mind with a selection of our favourite condensed versions - including a Lego version and a Bugs Bunny cartoon!

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  1. Richard Wagner Wagner, Booze And Song

    When Wagner went to the pub and begged a fellow drinker to sing, little did he realise what trouble he’d cause...

  2. Richard Wagner Why we love Wagner

    Wagner was the megalomaniac creator of vast operatic monoliths, whose revolutionary style took the world by storm.

  3. Richard Wagner Richard Wagner: A Life

    Despite the controversy over his private life, personal convictions and music, it cannot be denied that Richard Wagner changed the face of opera forever.