Happy Birthday in the style of a Shostakovich string quartet is extremely clever

27 February 2017, 13:35

Happy birthday in the style of Shostakovich

By Kyle Macdonald

Happy birthDSCH - and predictably it's all rather beautiful and terrifying.

Shostakovich's string quartets are emotional and contrapuntal epics. full of dramatic contrast, angst, heart-stopping lyricism, dark and broody tones, and regular uses of his musical signature DSCH.  

And, well, we all know Happy Birthday. 

What if they were combined? Well, thanks to YouTuber Martijn Dendievel, now we know what that would sound like:

Happy Birthday, in the style of Shostakovich

Happy BirthDSCH, everyone! Written by Martijn Dendievel


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