Can you believe that this incredible soprano is 90 years old?

10 March 2016, 11:06

90 year old soprano

We have serious respect and envy for Lina Vasta, 90, who still sounds absolutely majestic in this superb Puccini aria.

We’re not ones to stereotype and this is by no means gospel but, generally speaking, by the time singers get to 90 years old, they tend to wind down because, simply, their voice isn’t what it once was.

It’s SO INSPIRING, then, to hear that age has barely dimmed the magnificent soprano voice of Lina Vasta.

Here she is, singing Puccini’s classic ‘Senza Mamma’:

Lina Vasta "Senza mamma" - Puccini

At 90, Lina Vasta Sings Better Than Sopranos Half Her Age !"Senza mamma" - Giacomo Puccini da Suor Angelica - Lina VastaLina Vasta, soprano -Vincenzo Pasquariello, pianoforte

Posted by Art Discovery on Monday, 19 October 2015
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