Unlocking the heart of Baltic works

Choir of Trinity College, Cambridge under Stephen Layton deliver a heartfelt and passionate performance by Baltic composers

Composer:  Praulinš, Einfelde, et al.
Repertoire:  Various Works
Artists:  Choir of Trinity College, Cambridge/Layton
Rating:   5/5
Genre: Chamber
Label:  Hyperion CDA 67747

While contemporary choral music may never solve the Baltic states’ political and economic problems, it certainly offers a bridge connecting stable times past to hopes for a better future. This exceptional disc deserves to make headline news far beyond Riga and Tallinn, thanks not least to the passion and power of Trinity College Choir’s performances and Stephen Layton’s heartfelt advocacy of the music. Praulinš’s Missa Rigensis and Einfelde’s entrancing Barda settings underline the richness of a living tradition. 

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