Helen Jane Long


helen jane long

Helen Jane Long (1974-present) is a British composer, musician and pianist. She is best known for her contemporary-classic piano albums, entitled Embers and Porcelain.

Life and Music

  • Helen did not start composing until she was at university, where she became increasingly frustrated with her music degree and spent her entire student loan on a sequencer keyboard.
  • She is fast becoming one of the most sought after international artists and composers. Helen’s list of credits within TV and film range from her work on the Lord of the Rings trilogy to cult films such as Surveillance, Save The World and Out In The Cold.
  • Helen Jane Long is also an international recording artist; she sent a demo CD of her music to Warner Music and was signed three days later, resulting in her debut album, Porcelain.
  • Embers (2010) is the second album by Helen Jane Long and has proven even more successful than Porcelain. 

Did you know?

Helen Jane Long is the only female composer to have entered the Classic FM Hall of Fame 2011.  Helen Jane Long is a UK based composer/multi-instrumentalist.


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