Henry Litolff


Henry Litolff

Henry Litolff (1818–1891) was a piano virtuoso, composer of Romantic music and music publisher.

Life and Music

  • Litolff was born in London, the son of a Scottish mother and an Alsatian father. His father was a violinist who had been taken to London as a prisoner after being captured while fighting for Napoléon in the Peninsular War.
  • Litolff began his musical education under his father, but when he was twelve he played for the pianist Ignaz Moscheles, who was so impressed that he gave him free lessons from 1830. Litolff's promise was indeed realised, and he began to give concerts when he was only fourteen.
  • In 1839 he moved to Brussels, and around 1841 moved to Warsaw where he is believed to have been the conductor of the orchestra of the Teatr Narodowy (National Theatre).
  • He died at Bois-Colombes near Paris.

Did you know?

Whilst Henry Litolff was known as a prolific composer,  he is now known mainly as the founder of the Litolff Edition of classical and modern music. 

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