Tolga Kashif


Tolga Kashif

London-born diverse musician Tolga Kashif is at home recording both Richard Strauss and contemporary classics.

  • Kashif studied conducting and composition at the Royal College of Music.
  • He made his professional debut with the London Philharmonic Orchestra and has guested with various others including the City of London Sinfonia, Northern Sinfonia and Wren Orchestra.
  • In 1992 Kashif was appointed Associate Director of the London Amadeus Choir following a series of successful concerts with the orchestra most notably at the Barbican in London.
  • His previous post was as Music Director of the London Amadeus Choir.
  • Since 1989, Kashif has been an established composer and creative partner in The Music Sculptors, one of the principal music companies specialising in writing music for film and TV.
  • He has composed a number of scores as part of The Music Sculptors, most notable for First Snow of Winter, Where the Heart is, QED and Gulf War.
  • His work on the charity single Perfect Day led to the receipt of a number of accolades and media awards.

Did you know?
He was co-producer of the number 1 selling debut CD of Jane McDonald.


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