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  1. Johann Sebastian Bach Bach - Chorales: a guide

    Bach's arrangements of hymn tunes found their way into cantatas, organ preludes, motets and other pieces. Find out more about them here.

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  1. Requiem Bach's Passion music: a guide

    Listen and get to know Bach's two settings of the Passion, telling the story of the crucifixion of Jesus through the medium of Baroque music

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  1. Violin Bach - Violin Concerto in A minor

    Bach's concertos - they're essential listening. The Brandenburg Concertos, the keyboard concertos… they're all great, but what is it about the Violin Concerto in A minor that keeps people coming back for more?

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  1. JS Bach Bach’s Concertos: a guide

    Organist by trade, Bach produced some great Baroque orchestral music too - discover the magic behind these amazing compositions

Monday, 13th August 2012