Martin Fröst: Roots

Martin Fröst - Martin Fröst about "Roots"


Drive Featured Album, starting 1 February 2016 after 6pm.

The superb clarinettist Martin Fröst releases a fascinating experiment, tracing the connections through time between some 2000 years of works and their varying styles.

The pieces for clarinet and orchestra range from the oldest European music to newly composed pieces that echo and reference the past.

Drawing a line from early music inspired by dance and folk,  music drawn from sacred rituals of praise, and music as pure entertainment, Fröst's  journey starts in the Middle Ages with an interpretation of a Gregorian hymn and a Hildegard von Bingen piece before moving forward through time to works by Telemann, Crusell, Schumann, Brahms, Bartok, and Piazolla – all inspired by the art of dance and folk music.

The full range of Fröst's artistry is on display here and the Royal Stockholm Philharmonic Orchestra and The Adolf Fredrik’s Girls Choir sound like their fully enjoying the ride.

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