Katherine Jenkins condemns 'pathetic' stalker

Katherine Jenkins has hit out at an "utterly pathetic" online stalker who she says has been harassing her for more than a year.

Katherine Jenkins in Australia

The popular Welsh mezzo-soprano was moved to launch an attack on the stalker after a question came in from what she recognised to be the bully's twitter account during an interview on Sunday morning chat show Something for the Weekend.

Having correctly answered the bully's questions during the show, Katherine tweeted later: 'Sending in a question to be read on live TV to "make me look clueless" was utterly pathetic and you clearly failed. I've tried to ignore you but after this it's time to stand up to you.'

Katherine also revealed that the stalker had set up a false twitter account in her name and taunted her over the death of her father from lung cancer when she was teenager.

Katherine Jenkins

Katherine Jenkins Mezzo Soprano Katherine Jenkins

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