Dussek - Piano Concertos: Howard Shelley/Ulster Orchestra

Pianist Howard Shelley uncovers three gems from the classical era. Classic FM Drive Featured Album, 21 July 2014.

Following on from the Hyperion label’s hugely popular Romantic Piano Concerto series comes the Classical Piano Concerto, which focuses on the lesser-known concertos from the genre's earliest years. 

In the first album of this in-depth recorded survey of forgotten repertoire, three concertos by the Bohemian virtuoso Jan Ladislav Dussek come under the spotlight. Dussek wrote 18 piano concertos in total and the three on this album are taken from different points in his career. The early works largely reflect Mozart's model, while the later ones reveal features that were sometimes at odds with the late 18th century conception of the form, anticipating future developments in the genre.

Pianist Howard Shelley brings his intelligence and accuracy to Dussek's concertos while also directing the Ulster Orchestra from the keyboard with flair.

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