Vassily Sinaisky in our Wednesday Web Chat

The man behind the musical organisation at the Bolshoi Theatre in Moscow will be speaking to Tim Lihoreau from 9am on 27 March 2013 - any questions about Russian ballet? Ask them in the comments below.

Russian conductor Vasily Siniasky

Vassily Sinaisky is the Music Director and Chief Conductor of Russia’s main national theatre, the Bolshoi. In between his busy rehearsal schedule, not to mention making hugely important artistic decisions, spearheading the development of Russia's performing arts, he's taking the time out to answer your questions in our weekly web chat with More Music Breakfast presenter, Tim Lihoreau.

He's currently in the throws of a month-long Stravinsky festival. But what's his favourite work? How does the musical organisation work at the Bolshoi? And what's it like working there, day-to-day?

Ask your questions in the comments below, and Vassily will be here to answer them from 9am on Wednesday 27 March.

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