2Cellos cover Sting's 'Shape Of My Heart' in new viral video

9 December 2014, 14:38

Cello duo 2Cellos have posted a new video on YouTube - a cover of the Sting's 'Shape Of My Heart', played in an empty country house.

After the huge success of their previous viral video, a cover of Iron Maiden's 'The Trooper', 2Cellos have turned their attention to legendary solo artist, former Police frontman and lute aficionado, Sting. What's more, it's their most dramatic video yet.

Manuscripts blow around

Moody setting, massive empty country house... we like it so far. Sort of like a John Woo film but with cellos.


There are many looks of anguish

This sadness, it is exclusive to cellists. Either that or Sting's tantric tactics have a cello edition.

Stuff goes on fire

And Luka does a weird cello-breath thing. It's the emotion. 

You can watch the whole thing here:

In short, another cracking viral video from our favourite cello duo. Nice work, chaps!

Compare and contrast with the original here:

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