2Cellos cover Muse's 'Hysteria' in new video set in psychiatric hospital

25 February 2015, 19:44

The cello duo's latest video is set in a psychiatric hospital and takes on the modern space-rock classic 'Hysteria', originally by British band Muse.

Never ones to shy away from rock histrionics, this video sees our friends Sulic & Hauser aping the guitar wizardry of Matt Bellamy… on cello.

But it's not as straightforward as that - this all happens in a rather scuzzy-looking psychiatric hospital set, with the guys bound up in straitjackets.

There's a creepy nurse

Loves her job, does Ethel.

And there's some thrashing

Thrashing of bodies in a hokey psychiatric ward kind of way, that is. Seriously, imagine being the guy that rehairs their bows.

But are they actually playing those cellos?

Or is it part of a weird psychosis? 

Find out for yourself

Watch the whole thing below:

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