Cornwall stay for six people – terms and conditions

24 September 2021, 17:17 | Updated: 27 September 2021, 10:55

Cornwall holiday on Classic FM, September – October 2021 – Specific Rules

  1. The Cornwall Holiday promotion (‘Promotion’) is organised by Global Charities (as defined in the Global’s Make Some Noise Competition Terms and Conditions). The Promotion will run from Friday 24th September 2021 to Sunday 3rd October 2021 on Classic FM. Global Charities is the Promoter.
  2. IMPORTANT: The Promotion is subject to these Specific Rules and the Global’s Make Some Noise Competition Terms and Conditions which are available here. Entry into the Promotion constitutes acceptance of these Specific Rules and the General Terms and Conditions.
  3. Definitions and Introduction

3.1 In these Specific Rules the following words and phrases shall have the following meanings (and, where applicable in these terms and conditions, the singular shall include the plural). “Auction” The auction running on the Participating Radio Station(s) during the Term.

“Auction Phone Line” The number (0345 949 5000) that Participants must call during the Live Phone Auction Period to place a bid.

“Pre-bid Phase” The period during which a Participant may make a pre-bid, ahead of the live phone Auction

“Live Phone Auction Period” The period, as announced on-air and/or online, during which a Participant may bid for a particular item in an Auction through the Auction Phone Line.

“Competition Terms and Conditions” Global Charities competition terms and conditions which can be found at

“Global Charities” Global Charities of 30 Leicester Square, London, WC2H 7LA (registered charity 1091657 (England & Wales) and SC041475 (Scotland))

“on-air” Something broadcast on the Participating Radio Station(s)

“Participant” or “you” A person who participates in the Auction

“Participating Radio Station(s)” Classic FM

“Term” The dates and times set out in Clauses 4 and 5 of these Conditions


Details of the Promotion:

4. This auction is open for pre-bids from Friday 24th September 2021 at 16:00 to Sunday 3rd October 2021 at 10:29 via (“the Pre-Bid Phase”)

5. We are not responsible for any latency experienced by your internet provider and/or your emailing platform, which may delay the delivery of your pre-bid email to and/or from us. Any pre-bids received by us after 10:29 will not be considered.

6. The live Auction Phone Line is open from 10:30 to 11:30 on Sunday 3rd October 2021 (the “Live Phone Auction Period”). The number to call between those times is 0345 949 5000.

7. The Live Phone Auction Period for each item will be clearly specified online and may be referred to on-air by a presenter.

8. We and the prize provider may publish and publicise your name, your nearest geographical location (for example, your nearest city, town or county) and your bid, and we may refer to your association with the Promotion and/or the prize, in any and all media, worldwide, in perpetuity, for publicity and PR purposes solely in connection with the Promotion.

9. In relation to winners, you understand that we may: (i) interview you and your guest(s)/travel companion(s) which we may film, photograph and/or record and; (ii) film, photograph and/or record, you and your guest(s)/travel companion(s) in connection with the Promotion, either by telephone or in person, and we may use such films, recordings and/or photographs for publicity and PR purposes in any and all media, worldwide, as often and for as long as we consider appropriate or desirable, in connection with the Promotion. We may also publish your and your guest(s)/travel companion(s) name, image, social media handle and/or profile picture.

The pre-bid phase:

10. Pre-bids may be taken in advance of the Live Phone Auction Period, during the Pre-Bid Phase. To make a pre-bid, send an email with the prize as the subject line to

We will need:

Your full name

Your telephone number with dialling code

Your location e.g. London, Derby etc

Your pre bid amount in pounds and pence

11. Pre-bids are not revealed to other Participants during the Pre-Bid Phase but may be mentioned during the Live Phone Auction Period. In making a pre-bid, this enters you into the Auction process and puts you in the running for a chance to win the Auction lot, although this is not guaranteed and will depend on other bids made both during the Pre-Bid Phase and the Live Phone Auction Period.

12. In placing a pre-bid during the Pre-Bid Phase, you must be aware that your pre-bid will be considered as a legitimate entry into the overall Auction. If your pre-bid is not as high in value as another pre-bid made during the Pre-Bid Phase or you are out of the running you will need to call in on the Auction Phone Line during the Live Phone Auction Period in order to make a higher bid, if you wish to still participate.

13. If your pre-bid is the highest bid made both during the Pre-Bid Phase and the Live Phone Auction Period, you will be considered the winner of the lot and will be obliged to pay the amount that you agreed to in making the pre-bid.

14. The Participant who has placed the highest pre-bid will be contacted once the Pre-Bid Phase closes on the phone number they provided upon entering, to verify the validity of the bid and their eligibility. You must answer your telephone when we contact you. Someone else cannot answer the phone, participate or accept the call on your behalf. If: (i) you fail to answer the phone; (ii) someone else answers the phone; (iii) the call goes to voicemail; (iv) the call becomes disconnected; (v) you are not (or do not seem to us to be) in a position to safely and/or lawfully take or remain on the call (for example, if you are or seem to be driving); or (vi) you are not audible or intelligible or we are not able to conduct a conversation with you, your pre-bid may be disqualified and we reserve the right to move on to the Participant who made the second-highest pre-bid in the Pre-Bid Phase, and so on.

15. If there are two Participants who have matched the highest pre-bid amount, both will be contacted and invited to make a second bid.

16. You will not be contacted following the Pre-Bid Phase unless you have placed the highest pre-bid. If you are not contacted and would like to participate in the Auction then you must listen to Classic FM during the Live Phone Auction Period and call the Auction Phone Line to place another bid.

The live bid phase

17. During the Live Phone Auction Period, you must call the Auction Phone Line only when directed to do so by a presenter on-air and only during the specified periods. Calls to this number are charged at local rates from a BT landline, other networks and mobile costs may be higher. Please check with your service provider for more details and charges. If you are not the bill payer, you must obtain the bill payer’s permission before entering.

18. The highest bid received during the Live Phone Auction Period will be announced on air to the extent permissible until such time that the bid has been beaten (if applicable). The highest genuine bid received from any Participant at the end of the Live Phone Auction Period will secure the item. Where a bid is successful, the Participant will be contacted by a representative of Global.

19. If at the end of the Live Phone Auction Period there are two or more active bidders, a final silent bid will be taken from each active bidder, and the highest silent bid will secure the item.

20. Full details of all Auctions will be available on including any specific terms & conditions for each lot.

Eligibility and payment:

21. The Promotion is only open to residents of the UK aged 18 and over and who are based in the UK at the time of entry. We reserve the right to verify the eligibility of all entrants if necessary; we may ask to see photo identification once the auction has closed and you are the highest bidder.

22. Payment for an item must be made by debit or credit card. All Participants must ensure that, prior to placing a bid, they are able to pay for any item which they wish to bid for.

23. Ownership of the items successfully bid for or purchased shall not pass on to the successful Participant until such time as payment for the item has been received by Global and delivery has taken place.

24. Notwithstanding that a successful bid has been received, in the event that we discover that (i) the Participant was ineligible to make a bid for an item, or (ii) that the Participant should have been declared invalid for any other reason (at our absolute discretion), we reserve the right to reject the bid. In such circumstances, we reserve the right to offer the prize to the second highest bidder.

Prize specific terms:

25. One winning entrant will receive a seven night stay at The Glass Lodge at Clowance, Cornwall for six people, with a 3-course meal cooked in your accommodation by a private chef on one evening.

26. Accommodation details: the 7-night stay is subject to availability and must be claimed and taken by 1st January 2023. The lodge sleeps 6 and offers a master bedroom with superking bed, a twin room and a mezzanine bedroom with twin beds. Your stay at The Glass Lodge includes access to the Clowance Estate resort and grounds. The following activities at the resort are included: use of the tennis courts, rowing boat use upon the lake, use of the pool and gym facilities. Not included are treatments at the Clowance Estate resort spa, nor any food or drinks at the accommodation or resort restaurant facilities.

27. Private chef details: the private chef experience is for a 3-course “Restaurant at Home” meal for 4-6 guests, date is subject to availability. The meal must be booked in advance on a Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday. The menu and any dietary requirements will be agreed in advance. The chef will do all they can to accommodate dietary preferences, intolerances, allergies and restrictions but cannot guarantee to be able to source local produce that also adhere to strict diets such as Kosher or Halal. This element of the prize can be booked for a lunch or dinner. The "Restaurant At Home Meal" is 3 courses and is plated for guests. The chef would also be happy to offer a more informal buffet spread if the prize winner would prefer. This element of the prize expires on 1 October 2022. No drinks or alcohol are included in the private dining experience.

28. Any other costs and expenses which are not specifically included in the prize description are excluded and will be the sole responsibility of the winner. By way of example, without limitation, transport to Cornwall, is not included within the prize.

29. It is the responsibility of the winner and their guests to ensure that they are legally able to travel to the destination and have any necessary passports, visas, or any other documentation.

30. It is the responsibility of the winner to comply with any Covid-19 checks and tests for entering their travel destination accommodation. Global will not cover the cost of any Covid testing and it is the complete responsibility of the winner and their travel companions to buy, organise and arrange these tests. Global will not be held responsible if the winner or their guests do not have the correct travel documentation, test results or if they breach any COVID-19 regulations.

31. In addition to the provisions set out at clause 12 in the General Competition Terms & Conditions relating to fulfilment of prizes, our ability to fulfil a prize, or perform any of our obligations under the General Competition Terms and Conditions or these Specific Rules (together, the “Competition Terms and Conditions”) could be affected by an actual or threatened epidemic, pandemic, disease or quarantine and/or any corresponding governmental action, guidance and/or ruling (including but not limited to any Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office guidance) (“Covid Measures”). If, due to Covid Measures, we are unable to fulfil a prize or perform any of our other obligations under the Competition Terms and Conditions, (for example, if the prize is a holiday prize to a destination where UK travellers are unable to travel to or advised against travelling to as a result of the Covid Measures), then we shall not be in breach of the Competition Terms and Conditions. In these circumstances, we will try and mitigate the effects of the Covid Measures, for example, by varying or swapping the prize in accordance with the provisions at clause 12. A holiday prize may need to be swapped for a cash prize, which will be decided by us in our sole discretion.

32. The prize is non-transferable, non-refundable and not for resale.

33. This is a charity Promotion and as such no refunds are given.

34. We reserve the right to substitute the prize with another prize of equal or greater value at our absolute discretion.

35. Global are registered with the Phone-paid Services Authority (“PSA”): registration number ORG832-96388-41101. Global Charities are registered with the PSA: registration number ORG831-51159-55647. For all enquiries in connection with the Promotion please contact our customer support team at

Data Protection:

36. Your personal data, will be collected and processed by us, our licensees (including Communicorp UK Limited), as well as the prize providers, and if applicable, our service providers, network operators and suppliers in order to administer and fulfil the Promotion. Your personal data may also be disclosed to the Phone-paid Services Authority, Ofcom and/or the Advertising Standards Authority at their reasonable request for regulatory purposes, for example, in order to prevent, investigate and detect crime, fraud or anti-social behaviour and comply with law enforcement agencies and applicable advertising codes.

37. We may hold your personal data for a period of 3 years in order to comply with our regulatory obligations.

38. You may be asked if you want to opt-in to marketing from us when you enter a Promotion. If you choose to opt-in, we will use your personal data for marketing purposes (see our Privacy Policy for more details). You can opt out at any time.

39. We, and the prize providers may transfer and process personal data outside of the EEA and UK for the purposes of administering the Promotion.

40. By entering a Promotion, you acknowledge that any personal data provided by you in connection with the Promotion will be processed as set out above and in accordance with our Privacy Policy, which sets out full details of how we process personal data and how you can exercise your rights as a data subject. Please ensure you have read and understood our Privacy Policy before entering any Promotion.

41. You may request the removal of your personal details from our database by contacting If you request that your personal details be removed prior to the conclusion of a Promotion, you will forfeit your right to enter the Promotion and/or claim any prize and we reserve the right to select another entrant to participate in the Promotion or withdraw the prize and select another winner, as applicable.

42. If you are required to submit a guest(s)/travel companion(s) personal data to enter a Promotion, you must ensure that your guest(s)/travel companion(s) have given you consent to provide us with their personal data.