The best television music of 2014

Saturday Night of the Movies, 29 November 2014 5pm. Howard Goodall settles in front of the goggle box for some of the year's best soundtracks.

This week and for one week only, Howard Goodall turns his spotlight away from the silver screen to focus on the small screen.

He'll be celebrating the best television shows of 2014 – and their superb scores.

Be stirred by Ramin Djawadi's music for Game of Thrones and Brian Reitzell's score for psychological horror series Hannibal

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Hinterland is a noir crime drama, set in Aberystwyth, with an exceptional soundtrack by John E.R. Hardy, while Dr. Watson himself - aka Martin Freeman aka Bilbo Baggins - appeared in Fargo with music by Jeff Russo. 

And where would TV drama - and music - be without Doctor Who?